Woman spends thousands on vet for farting dog before discovering real culprit

The pregnant woman, who dealt with her dog's putrid smelling farts for five weeks, took to Reddit to share her frustration after she found out the truth - and users have called the culprit a "monster"

A concerned dog owner who spent thousands on vet bills for her gassy dog was stunned when she discovered where the foul stench was really coming from.

She explained that she was eating dinner with her husband when she suddenly smelled something disgusting.

"My husband instantly made a face so I knew it wasn't just me," she said.

"I am pregnant and my sense of smell has been a little sensitive in this time. I couldn't stand the smell and left the room.

"It honestly smelled a little like rotten eggs. I thought it was a one-off because the dog does fart (as do we) but a fart this stinky isn't normal."

Over the next week or so, the smell would come and go at random times, and was impossible to get rid of even with the help of candles and incense.

Eventually, believing that her adorable pooch Jerry was the source of the foul stench, she changed his diet, but when that didn't fix the stench, she decided to take him to the vet.

So the vet ordered several expensive tests to figure out what was wrong with her precious pooch.

But when the results came back, she was baffled.

"All the tests showed that the dog was fine.

"I'm losing my mind here. My anxiety started kicking in - what if there's something wrong with him? What if we lose him? I'm so stressed out.

"It all came to a breaking point and I burst into tears.

"I had a full-on meltdown about losing Jerry and then - you have to understand this nonsense has been going on for five WEEKS - my husband confesses that the farts weren't the dog but were him."

She was furious when her husband revealed the truth.

"I kicked him out of the house.

"To be clear, I didn't mind he lied in the moment. But he KNEW we were going to the vet, the vet was confused.


"It takes him a full-on panic attack and mental breakdown to say the truth?"

After she cooled off a bit, she let her husband come back home, and he made an appointment for himself.

"I told him in no uncertain terms that he has to pay me back my half of the vet bills out of his savings/fun money and the household budget was not made to accommodate his b*******.

"He's agreed but isn't really happy about it.

"I don't particularly care about his happiness right now to be honest.

"I'm not talking to him at all but I want to know if I'm being fair by asking him to pay me back or if I'm taking it too far?"

After sharing her admission on Reddit, users thought it was both funny and disturbing.

One said: "That was so cruel to the dog. How many times did the vet draw blood for these tests?

"And man, stressing out your pregnant wife for no reason is just putting your baby at risk.

"He should pay all of the vet costs. He needs to grow some maturity before the baby gets here."

And another added: "This seems like a funny story about farts but what he did was abusive. Bare minimum he should enthusiastically be paying the vet bills all by himself and checking himself into therapy to figure out why he acted like such a monster."

Source: MirrorUK