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Welcome To Puppy village

Welcome To Puppy village

Welcome To Puppy Village

Hello! You are probably here because you want to either purchase a puppy or learn more about dogs. Well, we have good news for you. You are at the right place!

About Us

We are a group of dog lovers that take pride in delivering healthy puppies to happy homes. Our establishment was inspired by our rich experience from over a decade of tending to dogs and raising several litters of newborn puppies.


From the moment our puppies opened their eyes, took their first steps and right until they left us, we got first-hand experience and became acquainted with the exact needs of puppies.


We also completely understand the needs of new puppy owners and this defines our detailed approach in our transactions and relationships with our customers.

We have successfully delivered over 1100 healthy puppies to happy homes.


Nneoma Odenigwe - Lagos

I got my first dog from Puppy Village! They were very helpful from the beginning. All my questions were answered, I probably stressed them asking for photos and videos per second but they took it gracefully. Missy my dog is a bundle of joy and has brought so much laughter into my home. Thank you Puppy Village!

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