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Our Story

The establishment of Puppy Village was inspired by our rich experience from over a decade of tending to dogs and raising several litters of newborn puppies. 


From the moment our puppies opened their eyes, took their first steps and right until they left us, we got first-hand experience and became acquainted with the exact needs of puppies. We also became easily acquainted with the needs of new puppy owners and this defines our detailed approach in our transactions and relationships with our customers.

While our beginning remains priceless to us, our passion led to our expansion. With a screened and growing network of professional breeders that span Nigeria, Europe and South Africa and with a team of experienced licensed veterinarians and dog welfare experts, we are able to provide our clients with the most excellent service. 

We are committed to making buying a new puppy and raising one a simple, transparent and pleasurable experience both for our furry friends and for new puppy owners and this guides our structures and policies as a company. Our customers remain an integral part of the Puppy Village family because the relationship never ends.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring happiness into people's lives and into families by placing healthy and delightful pure bred puppies in loving homes and to build a responsible community of true and passionate dog lovers

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an awareness that inspires a bond between people and dogs and to offer a simple, transparent and pleasurable experience in owning puppies and in raising them into healthy and happy dogs.

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