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Top Six Mistakes To Avoid When Importing A Puppy Into Nigeria

You are probably reading this because you are considering importing a puppy of your dreams into Nigeria and this is one of the most comprehensive information that you would find on this topic so read till the end.


In this article, we would be sharing six common mistakes people make when attempting to import a puppy or a dog into Nigeria and how to avoid them.​

In the course of our interaction with first time intending puppy owners, we have found that many have experienced inconvenience and heartbreak due to lack of awareness while setting out to import puppies and so we have decided to educate dog lovers on six pitfalls to look out for.  

Before going further, please ensure that you are well prepared to get a new puppy. Now, that you are ready, let us begin!

1   Beware Of Vastly Discounted Prices

If the price offered is too good to be true, chances are that the said puppy does not even exist. The estimated cost of shipping a puppy into Nigeria from Europe or Russia can be as much as $1,200.(about NGN480,000) and this excludes the cost of the puppy.


Never forget that a scammer’s cost would always be lower than the true market value as a bait for his prey. If you intend to import a puppy you should watch out for this red flag.

2   Avoid Purchasing From Classified sites

Many do not think twice before purchasing from a classified site but there is a good chance that you would encounter images of puppies that are not actually available. So many people have been swindled while looking for puppies on classified sites that are unregulated and so have unverifiable sellers. I am sure that you do not want to lose your money, be heartbroken and still be left without your dream puppy.


3  Watch Out For Stock Photos

Beware of agents that send stock photos to you as the puppy they intend to deliver. You should request for actual pictures and videos of the puppy that you plan to purchase.


You can easily find out if the picture sent to you is an original photo by downloading a copy of the photo and using a reverse image search tool like google images or TinEye. If the photo appears on a different site on the internet and especially if that photo was posted earlier and has different terms, then you are probably dealing with a fake agent that has nothing to offer.





4  Social Proof       

The process of importing a puppy into Nigeria requires expertise. It is important that you work with an agent that has experience in importing dogs to Nigeria as the agent would need to help you pick the right airline to carry your dog,  process the import permit and all the other paper work required for your puppy to be able to fly into Nigeria. You should be able to confirm that the agent you intend to work with has actually successfully imported puppies into Nigeria so that you can be assured that he can pull through with the processes.


5  Puppy Selection     

When importing a puppy, your agent would be the bridge between you and your perfect dog. Therefore it is very important that you contact an agent that works with responsible breeders.


Responsible breeders want to know that their puppies grow into happy dogs and therefore they take extra precaution in their breeding practices, see to it that their puppies are duely vaccinated and keep proper documentation of their puppies. This would help ensure that you receive a healthy puppy and have lower chances of having a puppy that would have health issues as they grow.

6  Ensure that you receive the vital documents


Ensure that your imported puppy arrives with relevant documentation. Your puppy must be vaccinated for rabies from 30 days to one year before being allowed to fly into Nigeria.  Other vaccinations that your puppy would have taken include canine distemper, canine hepatitis, canine adenovirus, canine parainfluenza and canine parvovirus. Treatment for internal and external parasites done shortly before your dog enters Nigeria would also be required.





All these are requirements for a puppy to be imported into Nigeria and should reflect in the pet passport that would accompany your imported puppy. If the puppy is a pedigree puppy, the pedigree documentation from the breeder would also come along with the puppy.

Love to have a seamless, scam-free importation of the puppy of your choice?  Click on any of the contact options below to speak with an experienced agent from Puppy Village Nigeria.

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